Sunday, 23 March 2014

His Attempts to Understand a Girl...!

First Meeting:-

He: Hey, I am XYZ. You?
She: (With a gawky look) ABC.
He: (Doubtful to continue) So, where are you from?
She: (Doing something on her phone) Mmmm...
He: (Lost interest) I think you are busy, let’s talk some other time.
She: (Reincarnated) Hey, I’m not busy at all; I have loads of time. But, I think you aren’t liking my company! Am I that bad?! (Setting the charm of her puppy eyes)
He: Aaah... Nahh... Arrrr... You are awesome (Confused!)...

Second Meeting:-

PS: Now the boy has a mindset that he shouldn’t be so hasty and let the girl do the talking this time. May be the last time he was talking too much!

(He is leaning against the pole, facing his friends and suddenly she comes.)

He: (Passing a cold eye on her) So friends, where should we go on this weekend?
All: I think... but I think... blahh... blahh...
She: Uhhunn... Uhhunn...
(Boy, not understanding what to do. Waiting for her to start)
She: People seem to have a lot of ego in them... Huhh (Anger level Hulk!)
(And then girl starts leaving)
He: Hey, listen... What happened?!! Hey, I am sorry... (Thinking, what is he sorry for?!)

Third Meeting:-

(He is sitting on chair in classroom and she comes)

He: (In a hasty manner) Look, I’m...
(Interrupted in the middle)
She: I am sorry. I shouldn’t be reacting like that. Please don’t take it otherwise; I was actually in off mood that day! I’m sorry...
He: (Turned extremely happy and forgot everything what happened in last meeting) Hey, no problem at all J Look never mind all these meagre things! (Finally relieved)
She: Yeah...
He: Enjoy girly... Just be happy... (Laughing like anything)
She: How can you be so cool! Don’t you feel a bit sorry for your act?! And here I am, coming all back to you and saying sorry, despite the fact that it was not my fault at all! I thought you weren’t like those other ones! But, to be honest, you are even worse!
He: (Shocked!) Aa... Wha...
She: Just shut up now! You are hopeless...!
(Boy pushed into comatose state)

Fourth Meeting:-

Understood: Well, shut the f@@k up...!

PS: Can’t you presage the ending after reading this? If not, then you’ll live through it...! :P 

Special Thanks: Garvit Kudesia (For this last tagline)