Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rape, not an act of power!

Son: Hey dad, I am a boy and I am strong. Am I more powerful than a girl?

Father: What do you think son?

Son: I am a bit confused dad!

Father: What’s the reason?

Son: Today I lifted a bucket full of water when I was taking a bath and then I ran half a K.M. without stopping. But...!

Father: But what son?

Son: I saw a girl this evening carrying 4 utensils full of water to a long distance even longer than miles. Of them, she put two over her head and rest two; she was holding them in her arms! And to my surprise she was exactly of my age!

Father: My boy! Then what made you think that you are more powerful than a girl?

Son: I read it daily in newspaper that some and some girl is brutally being raped by a group of men. I don’t know what rape means but I know it is something connected with power of men!

Father: If you don’t know what rape means, then how can you say it is something related to power of men?!

Son: Because in many such news, I also read that girl is being hospitalised and in some cases they end up dying!

Father: Ohh (Sigh)...! Son, the news you read are correct but what you are inferring from it is blemish!

Son: Ohh! Am I?

Father: To begin with, let me define what rape is! Rape is weakness and never strength, that some obsessed men posses. It is actually an incapability of those who can’t fight themselves, the demon inside them and distinguish between what is right and wrong. Rape is a disorder which nullifies humane characteristics, consciences, mental purity and makes one’s entire being filthy as hell. Rape is curse, a curse to entire human race! So, never misinterpret rape as power!

Son: Ohh I didn’t know that!

Father: You are just you; neither less nor more powerful than anyone else! But you can always become better than any other person on this planet.

Son: How?

Father: By respecting the other gender! Help them, befriend them, make them happy by your kind behaviour in turn you will feel respectful by yourself and you will never have to feel the guilt that misconception about power might have given you. Son, always remember; power is an obsession whereas betterment is actually a road to eternity! Try to become a better person as you are what you are not less, not more; you are just you!

Son: Okay dad! Now I understand what it is all about! It is not how powerful you are instead it is how better you can become! Thanks dad, I will also let my friends know this thing. Thank you for clearing my misconception!

Father: Love you my son! J