Sunday, 22 September 2013


The unending reminiscences are scorching my soul,
I am all burning in fire but making no howl.
The colour of my skin changes with the blowing wind,
Numb turned my faith so is the hounding tint.

The menace they call to my sacred soul,
In hatred they sank my only goal.
To help the humanity which once I thought,
Ended up in filth of betrayal I sought.

My sword turned red in this game of filth,
And it lead me nowhere but to the fatal guilt.
In the rain of lust my heart mourned,
I looked for a shelter but all turned stone.

With bleeding soul I stalked death to take me away,
It was already stalking me making my mind sway.
"Come ohh resolver, free me from this hypocrisy,
Let my soul swim in the sun of ecstasy".

Disguised in an arrow it pierced my skin,
Blood was coming out going were my painful sins.
Drop by drop I was draping the end,
Reminiscences are gone, atleast I can pretend!