Friday, 8 November 2013

Girl Sued Facebook!

“This is insane! How the hell can he get a Like more on his profile picture than me?” These were the words that a girl from ‘Jabran ki Husiyari Institute’ simply yelled when she came to know about his friend getting a like more on his profile picture than her. And now she is heading to file a case against facebook under the charges of defamation.

Inquiring about the issue when a journalist asked her about what difference a single like will make, she just lost it and in the name of all the evils she started cursing, “A single like you say!! Aik extra like ki keemat tum kya jaano journalist babu! That top with tweety print is of 3500rs; the jeans cost me rs. 5000; the make-up I am wearing in that pic was of 2500rs; that Barbie hair-band you are seeing which I exclusively ordered in limited stock edition, cost me 3000rs; and that jewellery I am wearing along with my prism heals were of 6000rs alone! Now do the math and will find out after spending a whole sum of rs. 20,000, I could only grab those 500 likes on my pic! And that moron, wearing his 100rs T-shirt with a borrowed jeans from his roommate and to it those filthy sleepers, got 501 likes on his pic! And you are saying what difference will a single more like will make? How could you?! What about my status quo which will get degraded when people will come to know about this?! Answer it! Can you give me back the reputation which I earned in all these years after spending millions on it?! Tell me; tell me if this isn’t defamation then what is it? Answer it! I said give me the damm explanation now!”

Simply shocked and nearly in trauma, the interviewer tried very hard to grab his senses. In search of words he did his next mistake by asking what wrong has facebook done in this whole scene and why not suing that friend of her instead? The girl shouted, “This is f***ing insane! Not in the world can a boy get more likes than a girl on a profile picture! This is a serious mistake on facebook’s part and I will make sure that they suffer! I think there is some problem in their coding methodology because of which such a blunder happened. By filing this case I will force them to re-code their facebook pages and make a default correction which will make sure that no boy gets more like than a girl on his display profile. And in case if some boy is still getting more likes then simply block his entire profile! Yes, I will make this happen! This is an insult to entire female species on this universe! This is no more a trial this is war and I will conquer them all, yes I will!”

The whole scenario took a U-turn when out of nowhere investigation team found that those 501 likes on that boy’s profile picture were all from fake Ids on facebook which were created by that boy himself to let go his obsession for number of likes on his pic, as he never in his life had got more than 5 likes on any of his profile picture! The girl’s community from ‘Jabran ki Husiyari Institute’ has released a fatwa against that boy and hence proven, Not in the world can a boy grab more likes on his profile picture than a girl! :P