Sunday, 22 September 2013


The unending reminiscences are scorching my soul,
I am all burning in fire but making no howl.
The colour of my skin changes with the blowing wind,
Numb turned my faith so is the hounding tint.

The menace they call to my sacred soul,
In hatred they sank my only goal.
To help the humanity which once I thought,
Ended up in filth of betrayal I sought.

My sword turned red in this game of filth,
And it lead me nowhere but to the fatal guilt.
In the rain of lust my heart mourned,
I looked for a shelter but all turned stone.

With bleeding soul I stalked death to take me away,
It was already stalking me making my mind sway.
"Come ohh resolver, free me from this hypocrisy,
Let my soul swim in the sun of ecstasy".

Disguised in an arrow it pierced my skin,
Blood was coming out going were my painful sins.
Drop by drop I was draping the end,
Reminiscences are gone, atleast I can pretend!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


काली, नीली, हरी, सफ़ेद,
हैं रंग इसके कितने अनेक!

इसके कतरे-कतरे से शब्द बन जाए,
और शब्द जो जुडें तो कहानी कह जाए!

किताबों में छपकर कई उज्जवल भविष्य बनाए हैं इसने,
और तो और कई वंश सजाएं हैं इसने!

शब्द जब मुख से न फूटे,
एक साहस बन कई दिल इसने ही तो लूटे!

सरहद पर जब भी हुआ जंग का शंखनाद,
एक रुमाल बन कई माओं का दिया इसने साथ!

कभी लालिमा लिए शादी का उत्सव बन जाती है,
जब तब ये स्याही खुशियाँ बिखरा जाती है!

पीड़ा को घोल जब उतरी पन्ने पर काला अक्षर बनकर,

तो कहीं से जनाजे और कहीं से उठी विलाप की लहर!

प्यासी धरती जब जब प्यास से बौखलाई,
लहू का रूप धर स्याही ने ही उसे ठंडक पहुचाई!

भूत, भविष्य, वर्तमान सब इसने रचा,
किस्मत से लड़ने का साहस बस इसने ही रखा!

ये स्याही ही जन्म से अंत तक की डोर है,
अंत ही स्याह और स्याह ही अनंत है!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rape, not an act of power!

Son: Hey dad, I am a boy and I am strong. Am I more powerful than a girl?

Father: What do you think son?

Son: I am a bit confused dad!

Father: What’s the reason?

Son: Today I lifted a bucket full of water when I was taking a bath and then I ran half a K.M. without stopping. But...!

Father: But what son?

Son: I saw a girl this evening carrying 4 utensils full of water to a long distance even longer than miles. Of them, she put two over her head and rest two; she was holding them in her arms! And to my surprise she was exactly of my age!

Father: My boy! Then what made you think that you are more powerful than a girl?

Son: I read it daily in newspaper that some and some girl is brutally being raped by a group of men. I don’t know what rape means but I know it is something connected with power of men!

Father: If you don’t know what rape means, then how can you say it is something related to power of men?!

Son: Because in many such news, I also read that girl is being hospitalised and in some cases they end up dying!

Father: Ohh (Sigh)...! Son, the news you read are correct but what you are inferring from it is blemish!

Son: Ohh! Am I?

Father: To begin with, let me define what rape is! Rape is weakness and never strength, that some obsessed men posses. It is actually an incapability of those who can’t fight themselves, the demon inside them and distinguish between what is right and wrong. Rape is a disorder which nullifies humane characteristics, consciences, mental purity and makes one’s entire being filthy as hell. Rape is curse, a curse to entire human race! So, never misinterpret rape as power!

Son: Ohh I didn’t know that!

Father: You are just you; neither less nor more powerful than anyone else! But you can always become better than any other person on this planet.

Son: How?

Father: By respecting the other gender! Help them, befriend them, make them happy by your kind behaviour in turn you will feel respectful by yourself and you will never have to feel the guilt that misconception about power might have given you. Son, always remember; power is an obsession whereas betterment is actually a road to eternity! Try to become a better person as you are what you are not less, not more; you are just you!

Son: Okay dad! Now I understand what it is all about! It is not how powerful you are instead it is how better you can become! Thanks dad, I will also let my friends know this thing. Thank you for clearing my misconception!

Father: Love you my son! J

Friday, 13 September 2013



Oh dear sun,
Please give me a gun,
When I'll come to bully you,
So that you can't run.

You work very hard,
With full devotion and art.
But when I wanna sleep some more,
My mumma scold me very harsh.

Go to sleep late,
Without any debate.
But when you come early,
That's the only thing I hate.

Live the way you like,
Keeping all problems aside.
I wanna live my life too,
So don't give my anger a hike.

Pass my desires through,
But only if you are true.
Ever try to make me fool,
I'll tighten your screw.

We will become friend,
Our friendship will have no end.
Please try to cooperate,
Atleast you can pretend.

Now we'll have fun,
So this is done.
But I still want a gun to hold,
In case you get turn.

Dedicated to the child in me! :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Government Issues Plea to Common Public: Donate Onions on Dhanteras and Support Economy!

Are you a victim of deteriorating economy? Are you the one doomed by devastating rupee? No need to panic now! Yes, hours of peril are over as our dear government came up with a solution: Donate onions on this Dhanteras and support Indian Economy!
All the highly educated yet languorously situated ministers discussed in a meeting on how to cope with the deteriorating economy and came up with the only solution: Onion!
We conducted an interview with one of the official regarding the same issue. When asked about how such a move will be helpful in view of the Indian economy, he replied, “Ab is desh ko bhagwaan nahi, sirf pyaaj hi bacha sakti hai! Kyunki jiska koi nahi hota, uski pyaaj hoti hai!” Baffled by the reply our journalist asked for the elaboration, he explained, “Look onion is secular by nature! So, no matter to which religion you belong, you will buy it. Now let me explain to you how donating onions on this Dhanteras will strengthen our economy. Consider the following points:-
1.) As I said, onion is secular by nature; people from every religion are buying it. Keeping in view the hiked price of onion, it has become impossible for many to include onion in their list of weekly expenses. So, at this point, if one donates onions to the other then what he actually doing is befriending the other person! He will become fan of this person and in return what he will offer is, give you free rides to places and that too frequently!. So, what we have got?! The concept of carpooling dude!! We have saved a lot of petrol!! Result: Economy is being helped!
2.) As the price of onion is at its peak, while you are buying onions to donate them you are actually donating about 80% of it for the pappu’s tummy!....... Ohhh! Sorry, I mean to say for the betterment of the Indian economy. Now you may ask how? See, tax is what our whole economy is depended upon! Be it income tax, V.A.T. tax or our ‘Manmaana’ tax these all are the constituents of our healthy economy. So, you are actually helping a cause by buying onions for donating them! Result: Economy is being helped!
3.) You people spread uproar about black money issue. Hurray! We have got a remedy now! Hiked prices of onion can help in spying on people who have illegal income and property. As off course common man will not be able to buy it. Only the ones with illegal income will do. By this we can grab them red handed :D All the onion buyers will be prosecuted! In this way, black money will return to India. Result: Economy is being helped!
4.) The best shot that we have got on this strategic move is that we will be able to trap the politicians from other parties as they are the ones with illegal property who will be able to buy onions to donate! And you know what?! We just trapped one, the one who made the statement about gifting of the onions to his sisters on this Rakhi! If you know what I mean ;) Result: Economy is being helped!

5.) Elections aa rahe hain bhaiya paisa kahan se aaega?! It is need of the hour! Now you may ask the relevance of this point with the strengthening of our economy! Look, this is very practical one. If we will have funds then we will be able to grab the seat for the straight third time and just for the record we have Cambridge and Harvard pass outs among us! So, an educated man will do what?! Of course, he will strengthen India in all respect and all aspects include economy! Result: Economy is being helped!

So, you just need to buy onions and donate them to others on this Dhanteras and leave the rest on us :D”.
When the interviewer asked that directly or indirectly it will be a common man, who will be penalised. If he buys onion then he is the one with illegal income as per government and if he doesn’t, then he will not be the one supporting economy again as per government. Either way, common man will suffer. Why? Why should he?! In reply the government official said, “Behes baazi nahi, do as you are told to do! WE WILL SUCK YOUR BLOOD AND SO THE ONLY OPTION YOU ARE LEFT WITH IS, DONATE ONIONS!”
Thanks for reading :)