Friday, 13 September 2013



Oh dear sun,
Please give me a gun,
When I'll come to bully you,
So that you can't run.

You work very hard,
With full devotion and art.
But when I wanna sleep some more,
My mumma scold me very harsh.

Go to sleep late,
Without any debate.
But when you come early,
That's the only thing I hate.

Live the way you like,
Keeping all problems aside.
I wanna live my life too,
So don't give my anger a hike.

Pass my desires through,
But only if you are true.
Ever try to make me fool,
I'll tighten your screw.

We will become friend,
Our friendship will have no end.
Please try to cooperate,
Atleast you can pretend.

Now we'll have fun,
So this is done.
But I still want a gun to hold,
In case you get turn.

Dedicated to the child in me! :)