Saturday, 4 April 2015


They fight for the glitter,
The glitter of gold.
They breed vengeance,
They rip sacred souls!

The glitter enchants,
a nasty spell.
And then hatred finds,
a nice place to dwell!

They start hating,
the ones they trusted most.
Conspiracies are on their mind,
Then it's all rubbish, what they boast!

They loot their brothers,
and the ones they loved.
They kill them all,
All once beloved!

Then hunger increases,
With every single pound earned.
The Reaper smirks,
With fresh blood burnt!

It demands more,
more each time.
It is famished,
and leaves nothing benign!

Some day when they are sleeping,
Dreaming all about the glitter.
With a knife in his hand,
Through the door death slithers!

It rips your throat,
Blood is splashed all over.
And there you are gone,
All left for ogre!

In life you never learnt,
The tempting ways of gold.
Now in death,
Your sacred soul is sold!

While in life,
You should learn a saying old.
Run for glitter,
But it should not be of gold!!!